IFA-SIG Networking Activities

Wednesday, 4 July 2018, 18:00 - 19:00

Moderators: Gerhard Schleining, Marco Dalla Rosa


The IFA-TEAM “RESEARCH-EDUCATION-INDUSTRY”, chaired by Jesus Frias and Marco Dalla Rosa is organizing a workshop only for IFA members and IFA-SIG members. The objective of the workshop is to develop ideas and consortia for H2020 funded projects.


The workshop will be organised with an introductory presentation of calls, relevant for the IFA-SIGS, followed by group table discussions. Those will be reported back to the group and a small number of conclusions will be outlined by the organisers of the workshop and will be communicated to the attendants so that further collaboration can be guided.

Schedule of the Workshop

1. 0-15 min: PresentationSelection of current Agro-Food related calls of interest to ISEKI members and IFA-SIG members with the idea to form consortia and develop proposals” (Rainer Svacinka)

The presentation shall serve as a basis for discussions, collection of ideas, initial consortium building and as a starting point for proposal development. These activities can be performed in collaboration with initiatives such as e.g. FOODSEG.

Initial list of interesting topics:

  • Topic: BBI.2018.SO1.D1 Improve the logistical and pre‐processing steps of locally sourced biomass to serve as feedstock for the bio‐based industry
  • Topic: Produce sustainable and cost‐efficient high‐performance functional ingredients from alternative sources •
  • Topic: SFS‐08‐2018‐2019: Improving Animal Welfare
  • Topic: LC‐SFS‐17‐2019: Alternative proteins for food and feed
  • Topic: LC‐SFS‐19‐2018‐2019: Climate‐smart and resilient farming
  • Topic: LC‐SFS‐34‐2019 Food Systems Africa
  • Topic: DT‐RUR‐14‐2018 ICT Innovation for agriculture – Digital Innovation Hubs for Agriculture
  • Topic: BBI.2018.SO1.D1 Improve the logistical and pre‐processing steps of locally sourced biomass to serve as feedstock for the bio‐based industry

2. 20-40 min Group Discussions

Each table will be populated from the attendants to the workshop.

The proposed schedule of discussion:

  1. Each participant should take 5 minutes to write down one or two ideas for projects (5 mins)
  2. Discussion of the proposed ideas (30 min)
  3. Collation and agreement of main points for Moderator (5 mins)
    • Table 1: SIG Food Structure and Bionanotechnology and opt. SIG Bioactives (Moderators: Victor Acha, Saverio Mannino, Kristberg Kristbergson)
    • Table 2: SIG Food Waste recovery (Moderator: Charis Galanakis)
    • Table 3: SIG Virtualisation in Food Engineering (Moderator: Francesco Marra)
    • Table 4: SIG Traditional Food and opt. SIG Bioactives (Moderators: Dimitris Tsaltas, Susanne Braun, F. Javier Casado Hebrard)
    • Table 5: SIG Postharvest Handling (Moderator: Afam I.O. Jideani)

  4. 40-55 min Report of Moderators to the group (5 min each SIG)
  5. 55-60 min Conclusions (Marco Dalla Rosa)



A small document per SIG (1 page max) that can help identify to participants the main collaboration opportunities is the objective of the workshop. This will be distributed to all SIG members. Possible Follow-ups and proposal developments will be organized by the chairs of the SIGs.

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