Workshop on Food Hygiene Education - organised by GHI & IFA

3 July 10:30 - 12:30

Moderators: Gerhard Schleining (Chair), Cândida Cândida, Franco Pedreschi Plasencia, Paola Pittia


In the frame of the 5th ISEKI_Food Conference the "IFA-SIG “EDUCATION” is organizing a free workshop together with the GHI EDUCATION GROUP. The objective of the workshop is to further develop the collaboration between GHI and IFA. Three possible areas are looked:

  1. Training materials
  2. Research
  3. Academic Books


The workshop will be organised with a main presentation proposing collaboration, followed by group table discussions. Those will be reported back to the group and a small number of conclusions will be outlined by the organisers of the workshop and will be communicated to the attendants so that further collaboration can be guided.

Schedule of the Workshop

0-20 mins Presentation Funding possibilities for educational projects (Rainer Svacinka)

20-30 mins Questions and Answers

30-80 mins Group Workshop. Potential Educational Collaboration between GHI and IFA.

Table 1: Training material for food caterers, food handlers and operators (Moderator: Gerhard Schleining)

Table 2: IFA/GHI Book collaboration (Moderator Franco Pedreschi Plasencia)

Table 3: ERASMUS+/Horizon 2020/etc. Identification of funding opportunities for potential GHI/IFA collaboration (Moderators: Paola Pittia and Cândida Cândida)

80-110 mins Report of Tables to the group (Rapporteur Table1, Table 2 and Table 3)

110-120 mins Conclusions (Gerhard Schleining)


A small document (1 page max) that can help identify to participants the main collaboration opportunities between GHI and IFA is the objective of the workshop. This will be distributed to all participants. Agreement on the final conclusions and the main elements is needed. A small list of outcomes written are the outcome needed from the workshop so that the organisers can build the final document.

Guidelines for Group Workshop (for Moderators)

Each table will be populated from the attendants to the workshop

The table group will choose a rapporteur that will present the main outcomes of the discussion to the workshop The proposed schedule of discussion:

1. Each participant should take 3 minutes to write the two or three main points that she/he wants to discuss in terms of the different types of collaboration (5 mins)

2. What is the fundamental for a collaboration IFA/GHI. What are the common principles and objectives in research, training and publishing/impact? (5 mins)

3. Present State of the Art. Discussion on previous collaborative experiences (in education and training materials, book publishing or research) that may exemplify a future GHI (5 mins)

4. Identification of opportunities (eg. WHO/FAO calls on training, H2020 specific calls or Book Publishing projects) where IFA/GHI could start-up (5 mins)

5. Collation and agreement of main points for rapporteur (5 mins)

Leave plenty of time for discussion and commentary.

Guidelines for Rapporteur

A 5 min presentation of the main findings of the group, allowing for discussion of the topic by the group should be the aim.

A small list of the conclusions together with a proposed main outcomes (1 or 2 max) should be made available for the Chair to aid to draw.


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