Paola    Welcome Speech: Prof. Dr. Paola Pittia
University of Teramo / President of the ISEKI-Food Association
 portrait eiden 2014 standard 1   Welcome Speech: Dr. Hanns-Christoph Eiden
The Federal Office of Agriculture and Food, Germany



Opening:  Prof. Dr. Jochen Weiss,
University of Hohenheim, Germany
Novel Higher-Educational Programs in Food Science: Going Beyond Classical University Formats

 Kreysa   Opening: Dr. Joachim Kreysa
EC, Joint Research Center, Belgium
Agri-Food in the BioEconomy

Opening: Prof. Amar Mohanty
University of Guelph, Canada
Food Waste for Value-added Bio-based Materials - A Circular Approach

 lokesh joshi nuig


Education: Prof. Dr. Lokesh Joshi
University of Galway, Ireland
Carbohydrates: Simple food constituent or a complex driver of health?

 arno meerman   Education: Prof. Dr. Arno Meerman
University Industry Innovation Network, Germany

The State of University-Business Cooperation: A holistic perspective
 Marco dalla Rosa  

Research: Prof. Dr. Marco Dalla Rosa
University of Bologna, Italy
Using a multianalytical approach to study structural and functional properties in minimal processed foods

 Goot Atze Jan van der  

Research: Prof. Dr. Atze Jan van der Goot
Wageningen University, The Netherlands
Modern Food Technology: what do we need to make our food in future?

Michel Martin    IFT - ISEKI - Session: Dr. Martin Michel
Nestlé, Switzerland
The future of food in five scenarios
 Haberkorn   IFT - ISEKI - Session: Iris Haberkorn
ETH-Zürich, Switzerland
Algae and Insects- New types of protein sources-From production to Downstream processing
 Reineke picture   IFT - ISEKI - Session: Dr. Kai Reineke
GNT Europe, Germany
From form to function – Valorization of side streams from natural food colors
Prof.Dr.Weiss   IFT - ISEKI - Session: Prof. Dr. Jochen Weiss
University of Hohenheim, Germany
Functionalizing Meat Products: Approaches and Issues
 Sevenich   IFT - ISEKI - Session: Dr. Robert Sevenich
TU Berlin, Germany
Emerging technologies as a possible transformation tool for the conversion of biomaterial into high value food supplements
 Professor Andreas Kuckertz III   Plenary Session: Prof. Dr. Andreas Kuckertz
University of Hohenheim, Germany
Entrepreneural Opportunities and the Food Value Chain
 P Jongenbloed   Industry: Peter Jongebloed
University of Wageningen, The Netherlands
How to implement a Food system approach in Horizon Europe?
Klaus Beetz   Industry: Dr. Klaus Beetz
Siemens, Germany
Digitizing the food value chain
Andreas Bohner   Industry: Andreas Bohner
Rettenmaier & Soehne, Germany
Potentials of production side streams
Helena Gomes   

Industry: Maria Helena Gomes
FRULACT, Portugal
Gaps and roadblocks in the cooperation between science / research and industry

Christophe picture   

Industry: Christophe Cotillon
ACTIA, France
MyPack: Sustainable packaging solutions

Kopainsky     Industry: Birgit Kopainsky
University of Bergen, Norway
Synergies and trade-offs bewteen healthy consumption and sustainable production


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