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What is ISEKI:

ISEKI_Food (Integrating Safety and Environment Knowledge In Food towards European Sustainable Development) was designed as a network of University and Research Institutions, Professional Associations, Industrial partners and Students Associations to foster collaboration on a variety of joint interest projects. Several European and 6 global academic network projects received funding between 1998 and 2011 from the European Commission.

The main objectives of the network are to contribute to the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) in the field of Food Studies, by internationalization and enhancement of quality, and identification of the training and career requirements of future European food scientists and technologists (FST), and implementation of a European strategy to recruit the next generation of FST leaders.

What is IFA:

The ISEKI-Food Association is an independent European non-profit organisation, established in 2005 by university institutions, research institutes, companies and associations related to food. The objective of the ISEKI-Food Association is to establish and maintain a network between all stakeholders in the food chain.

Main activities are in the fields of quality assurance of food studies, tuning curricula, developing teaching materials and teaching methods, promoting synergies between research, training and industry, development of a virtual community of experts in the field of food, the establishment of a framework of agreements among partners, fostering the mobility of students and staff and stimulating the development of further related projects.