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Several awards were attributed to the work presented by scientists (young researchers/teachers, PhD, Post-doc) for their positive contribution to the progress and quality of research, to the development of new concepts or techniques, aiming at improving the Food sector (education, research, industry).

A team of reviewers members of the scientific and advisory committees of the conference performed the evaluation on the basis of the abstracts and the on-site posters during the conference. Announcement of the winners was given at the conference Dinner (1st September) and awards were officially attributed at the closure ceremony of the conference (2nd September at 12h30). Thanks to the contribution of some sponsors we attributed the following awards:

2nd GNT Young Scientist Award

1) First prize 250 € - Salise Belgin Erdogdu (Turkey) "Potential of ultraviolet and infrared radiation a san alternative technique for surface pasteurisation of black pepper seeds"

2) Second prize 200  € - Matthias Baier (Germany) "Quality aspects and critical process parameters in plasma treatments of fresh produce"

3) Third prize 150 € - Rutuja Upadhyay (India) "Effect of yeast and water on bread dough rheology and microstructure"

Puratos Award - 500 € for the best poster presented by a PhD student

Elena Velickova (former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) "Cryoprotective treatment of strawberries"

ISEKI_Food Association (IFA) Awards - 3 awards, each consisting of an individual annual registration to the ISEKI_Food Association + 2 books of the ISEKI_Springer Book series and a Special award for the Education session.

(*corresponding author)

A. Paraskevopoulou, Andreas Chrisanthou* & Maria Koutidou* (Greece) "Characterization of lupin protein-enriched bread aroma profile."

Lina Smolskaite*, T. Talou & P.R. Venskutonis* (Lithuania-France) "Wild mushrooms as a potential source for antioxidant and antimicrobial agents."

Javiera F. Rubilar*, R. M. Cruz, I. Khmelinsky & M. Viera (Portugal) "Physico-mechanical properties of chitosan films with carvacrol and grape seed extract."

Special award for the Education session

Pedro Paulo Oliveira*, Sandra R. Gregorio and Luciana Helena M. Porte (Brazil) "Social representations of the consumption of cachaca due to their productive characteristics in the course of technology, regarding the cachaca production."

ISEKI_Food Association Award, in collaboration with Coca Cola and National Polytechnic Institute (México)

Christian Schmitt* and Uwe Grupa (Germany) "Comparative study of the pumping quality between a rotary lobe pump and a newly developed centrifugal pump on the basis of the suspension cheese curd-whey."

Sandor Beszedes, Lajos Ludanyi, Petra Veszelovszki, Cecilia Hodur* and Gabor Szabo (Hungary) "Application of microwave toroidal cavity resonators for conditioning of food industry wastewater sludge."

ISEKI_Food Association Award, in collaboration with ISOPOW and Kasetsart University (Bangkok, Thailand)

Pattarin Supanivatin*, S. Kosonpisit, N. Saeteaw & A. Thipayarat (Thailand) "Survivability of Listeria ivanovii under different inhibitory stresses during selective enrichment in suspended cell cultivation."