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Opening & Welcome
(EUROPE room)


Veerle Lammens, DG Research & Innovation:
“Perspectives of the knowledge based bioeconomy”

Petros Taoukis, NTUA:
“Challenges for sustainable innovation in Food Science and Engineering”
19:30 Welcome Cocktail

SESSION 1: Re-thinking education: enhancing Food Science & Technology competences for Bioeconomy 2020 
Chair: Paola Pittia and Paulo Sobral
  (EUROPE room)
8:30 Case study on one bioeconomy sector: Ensuring a competitive workforce for the plant sector – for industry, academia and farmers
Silvia Travella 
9:00 Skills & competences for the FS&T of the future
Katherine Flynn
9:20 Qualifications of Food Science and Technology/Engineering professionals at the entrance in the job market
Vasso Oreopoulou
9:40 The integration of work-integrated Learning (WIL) modalities as teaching tools towards complex practice of Food Technology
Jessy Van Wyk
9:55 Competences and career development via using dual study programs apprenticeship-integrated study course “Brew and Beverage Technology” as an example for industry oriented academic education
Winfried Russ
10:10 Developing and delivering food systems training programs for 21st century audiences
Patricia Curtis
10:25 Developing higher education, research and industrial partnerships to best meet the optimisation and innovation needs of the food manufacturing sector
Mark Swainson
10:40  Coffee Break & Poster Session
11:20 The end of a classroom lecture - Time to celebrate?
Paul Singh
(University of California, invited lecture)

11:50 Enhancing food engineering education with interactive web-based simulations
Alexandros Koulouris
12:05 IDECOTROPHELIA, the European network for academic excellence in food eco-innovation
Elodie Barré
12:20 Virtual experiments for Food Science-Technology-Engineering Education
Ferruh Erdogdu
12:35 Training and educational needs of the teaching and learning practitioner in Food Studies
Jesus Frias
(Dublin Institute of Technology, invited lecture)

13:00-14:30 Lunch & Poster Session

SESSION 2-I: Knowledge and Innovation in research towards a bioeconomy perspective  
Chair: Elisabeth Dumoulin
  (EUROPE room)
14:30 The impact of food science and technology innovations on bioeconomy developments and perspectives-Invited lecture
Dietrich Knorr
(EFFoST, invited lecture)
15:10 Spent coffee grounds as a source of bioactive compounds
Maria Paz De Peña
15:25 Bioavailability studies of carotenoids. The case of crocetin esters.
Anastasia Kyriakoudi
15:40 Effect of seaweed extracts on oxidative stability of flavored olive oil during storage
Rui Ganhão
15:55 Off-flavor masking of secondary lipid oxidation products by pea dextrin
Sandra Böttcher
16:10-16:40 Coffee Break & Poster Session
17:00 Fruit and vegetable processing by-/co-products: Can they be used as functional feed ingredients in animal nutrition to produce novel value-added products?
Eleni Kasapidou
17:15 By-products of food industry: Chemical composition and antioxidant activity in vitro and in vivo systems of Chia seed and oil (Salvia Hispanica L).
Rafaela S Marineli
17:30 Potential of microalgae biomass derived from swine wastewater for ethanol production
Estela Nunes
17:45 Utilisation of sugar beet bagasse for biosynthesis of yeast SCP
Piotr Patelski
18:00 Greek Kean acorns and acorns wastes; a rich source of phenolic antioxidants and macroelements as a prospect for development
Maria Papegeorgiou
18:15 Young scientists awards
18:30 EQAS award
20:30 Conference Dinner

SESSION 2-II: Knowledge and Innovation in research towards a bioeconomy perspective
Chair: Gustavo V. Barbosa-Canovas
  (COSMOS room)
15:10 The promising use of non thermal green technologies and their effect on the quality of foods
Angeliki Birmpa
15:25 An integrated approach in modeling osmotic treatments based on universal process/product related parameters
Harris N. Lazarides
15:40 Decontamination of egg shells using cold plasma
Julia Jacob
15:55 Non-thermal inactivation of Salmonella enterica and Bacillus endospores on the surface of whole black pepper by indirect plasma treatment
Christian Hertwig
16:10-16:40 Coffee Break & Poster Session
17:00 Dehydration: coupling centrifuge drainage with microwave drying operation
Alain Sommier
17:15 Effect of process conditions on release kinetics of salt and sugar during immersion in simulated gastric fluid and saliva
Magda Krokida

Characterization of nano spray dried oil in water model and natural emulsions
S. Donsouzi
17:45 Enhancement of antioxidant properties of oat porridge by microwave treatment
Joanna Harasym
18:00 A Novel knowledge-based framework for predictive food design
Mohannad Jreissat

SESSION 2-III: Knowledge and Innovation in research towards a bioeconomy perspective
Chair: Paul Singh 
  (OLYMPIA room)
15:10 Quantifying the effect of viscosity on food digestibility using in-vitro digestion
Serafim Bakalis 
15:25 Development and characterization of milk-oil-monoglyceride gels
Fabio Valoppi
15:40 Intensified protein structuring – production of fibrous meat analogs using a couette cell
George Krintiras
15:55 Food quality control using peptide based gas sensor arrays
Dario Compagnone
16:10-16:40 Coffee Break & Poster Session
17:00 Gelatin-based nanocomposite films: a study on dispersion methods and concentration of montmorillonite
Christian H. C. Flaker
17:15 Modeling the microbial spoilage and quality decay of rocket, iceberg, and romaine lettuce as a function of temperature and packaging atmosphere
Panagiotis N. Skandamis
17:30 Monitoring the food cold chain in Europe: Development of a database tool and field test validation
Eleni Gogou
17:45 An investigation using repertory grid and eye tracking methodologies of package features influencing consumer attention to nutrition information
Ana Frias
18:00 Traditional food network to improve the transfer of knowledge for innovation (TRAFOON)
Susanne Braun

FRIDAY, 23 May
SESSION 3: Food Industry for a sustainable planet food supply
Chair: Rui Costa and Vasso Papadimitriou

  (EUROPE room)
8:30 Integrated and sustainable industrial development
Karl Schebesta
(UNIDO, invited lecture)

9:00 Food use for social innovation by optimizing waste prevention strategies
Dora Paschali
9:20 Innovation in food SME's: new trends and consumer behavior
Daniele Rossi (ETP Food for Life)
9:35 Global harmonization of food safety regulations
Magda Krokida
9:50 Life cycle analysis of beta-carotene extraction techniques
Sofia Papadaki
10:05 Characterization of biological value and safety properties of fish oil from low value fish catch and fish processing by-products
Irina Koscelkovskiene
10:20-10:50 Coffee Break & Poster Session
10:50 Novel integrated processes can turn industrial food waste into valuable food by-products and/or ingredients: The cases of olive mill and pomegranate wastes
Athanasia Goula
11:05 Starch-PVA composite films: towards a new generation of biodegradable packaging material
Amalia I. Cano
11:20 Round Table
11:20-12:40 Moderator: Pedro Queiroz (FIPA)
  • Herbert AICHINGER (Adviser, Directorate A - Green Economy,   Directorate General Environment, European Commission)
  • Daniele Rossi (ETP Food for Life)
  • Christos Apostolopoulous (FrieslandCampina Hellas A.E.B.E.)
  • Marco Dalla Rosa (UNIBO)
  • Marcus Volkert (GNT)
  • Giannis Barous (ELAIS-UNILEVER)
12:40 Conclusions
13:00 End of the Conference

  •  Posters will be presented in 2 designated Poster Sessions:

Poster Session A will include abstracts accepted as poster presentations for Session 2: Knowledge and Innovation in research towards a bioeconomy perspective.

Poster Session B will include abstracts accepted as poster presentations for Session 1: Re-thinking education: enhancing Food Science & Technology competences for Bioeconomy 2020 and Session 3: Food Industry for a sustainable planet food supply.

Poster Sessions Schedule

   Start  End
Poster Session A  22 May, 08:30 22 May, 14:00 
Poster Session B  22 May, 14:30  23 May, 13:00

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